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Review from Johnathan A. "We have been huge fans of commercially-flavoured popcorn and are a savvy popcorn-consuming family. We were excited to try these... the flavours popped as brightly as the colours. Zesty, crisp lemon is our house's fav!"
Review from Tyler C. "If you haven’t tried this popcorn, you’re missing out. (Especially the green apple flavour, a favourite in our household.) Zuzu’s is extremely tasty popcorn."
Review from Margaret H. "Love Zuzu's Popcorn - we had large caramel - it was devoured very quickly."
Review from Stephanie C. "I am having so much fun trying Zuzu's flavors. So far my favourites are birthday cake and cinnamon."
Review from Sarah W. "Lemon is a household favourite! Shipped all the way to Quebec. Our order arrived quickly and just in time for Family Movie Night!"
Review from Kyle B. “I purchased the large holiday tin of popcorn for my family and it was a big hit! We only had a few of the flavours (caramel is our favourite so far), but I hope to try them all.”

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