Our Story… well, kind of!

Caramel popcorn being made.
One of our popcorn artists holding up bags of gourmet popcorn.
Gourmet popcorn in a box, ready to be shipped.

In 1946, Grandma Zuzu had a wonderful life. One afternoon, she was cooking up a storm in the kitchen, looking to surprise her family with a homemade treat for the picture show.  Grandma Zuzu ended up whipping up a batch of delicious caramel corn – a beautifully coated treat that tasted even better than it looked. 

It was exciting to hear the timer on her stove go off because we knew that something delicious would be ready! She used to tell everyone that every time a bell rings, an angel gets their popcorn… or something like that, we could be paraphrasing! The whole family loved it and the snack quickly became the talk of the town. She went on to create numerous other flavours, solidifying her famous gourmet popcorn recipe as the one people know and love today.

Grandma Zuzu’s legacy carries on in 2021 at Film.Ca Cinemas, an independent cinema nestled in the heart of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. You see, she really had a wonderful life AND popcorn too. Don’t you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away? To honour Grandma Zuzu, we have decided to share it far and yonder on the interwebs.

Zuzu’s Popcorn is made in-house by real cinema staff, the people who know popcorn best! And now, the delicious treat is not just available at the movie theatre, but shipped right to your home, anywhere in Canada, for folks to enjoy. 

Try Zuzu’s for yourself and see why people have been raving over Grandma Zuzu’s popcorn all these years – Remember, no person is a failure who has popcorn!

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